Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Blogging Quirks | Day 7

My lucky number: 7! And now here are some BLOGGING confessions.

Just because I need a pop of color, I made another graphic. It's really time consuming but I can't stop. Oh, and excuse some of the quirks you may have already read about in My Bookish Confessions. I was struggling.

1. I always write my reviews in one sitting.
One thing about me when it comes to my studies is that I always write all my essays at once (most of it, at least). I think it's just good for me to get down all my ideas and then once that's done, go back and edit. The same thing applies to my blog, I guess. Since the beginning, I've always written all my reviews in one sitting. I just can't NOT do it. But a little part of me suspects it has a little to do with the guilt I feel over not being as active as other bloggers so when I do write reviews, I'm just really eager to get them out. 

2. Once I'm done, I'm DONE.
As soon as I type that last word, it's straight to publishing. I don't edit (mostly because I edit along the way) and I don't look over. What's done is done, right?

3. I like spontaneity.
Which is my excuse to why I don't schedule (re: #7). But I do like spontaneity and working on my OWN time. I have enough deadlines for school and it's definitely not in my interest to add more. Of course, I have some sense of when to create new material but it's not pin-pointed so if something comes up, my schedule is flexible enough that I can really do it any other day.

4. I like to write my reviews as soon after I've finished the book as possible.
Again, this is because I am a strong believer of getting out all my ideas all at once. Like a brain dump. And with books, I'm just really bad at remembering details in general so now that I've started reviewing, I just need to get to that computer!

5. I like making little improvements to my blog. 
When it comes to aesthetics, my perfectionism kicks in. It just has to look perfect which is why the way my blog looks is never enough for me because perfect is not an actual thing I can achieve. I won't lie though, I'm pretty darn proud of how my blog is now but just wait a few weeks and something will get tweaked and changed.

6. I can never bring myself to cross-post.
I don't like cross-posting and I've never done it. Probably never will. It's not that I have an aversion to posting reviews on Goodreads and such, it's just that I feel like I should have different material to go on Goodreads so it's not like I'm copy and pasting from my blog. Not that I judge others when they do that, it's just not for me. But then because I'm not willing to write two different reviews, I skip on posting to Goodreads completely.

7. I've tried scheduling but I just...can't.
I'm actually very good at scheduling for school. My agenda was well-used this year and it was all a great success. But when it comes to blogging, I just can't schedule. I mean, I've tried but I don't follow it. Oh well.

8. I LOVE making graphics for my posts (clearly).
Ever since discovering PicMonkey, I've gradually become more and more obsessed. Like I've said above, it takes up a lot of time but I just can't help it. I like making graphics. Period.


  1. #4 is important, although I keep a notebook fr my books because I can't always write a review right away.....

  2. Like in the middle of the night! Which happens to me a lot because I love reading before bed. But because I'm a bedtime thinker too, I can spend the rest of my hours really absorbing the book. By the time morning comes, I'm ready to write a review!

  3. I thought I already commented on this. Bah humbug. I'll just have to do it again! ;)

    Some interesting ones! I'm with you on most of the reviews. I write them as soon as I'm done with a book, write until I'm done, and barely look them over. I do have a schedule though so unless I'm behind and it's due that day, they're usually put in the line-up for the future.

    Cross-posting, meh. I do post my reviews on Goodreads, but I literally just copy and paste them without any formatting or anything. I don't post them anywhere else or leave a link on Goodreads back to my blog (besides on my profile) so yeah. I have low motivation for that.

    And I WISH I made more graphics for my posts. They also say too much text and no pics are bad, but I talk a lot and barely include images because it's work. Such fail. Oh well... someday?

  4. Huh, I feel like Disqus blacklisted you! Which it does REALLY often. And unfortunately, Disqus and its blacklisting tendency and me and my forgetting tendency does not make a good match. If only I could get emails every single time someone is added to spam...

    I totally get you about the too much text and no pics. I'm still never sure what I do when it comes to discussion posts and I really can't find any pictures to put in. My 3 Benefits of Blogging is case in point. I almost want to go back and add a picture for the benefit of the readers but I rather doze off. Oh well.

  5. Haha, I can agree with a lot of those. I do schedule a bit, but only memes, or when I write more than just one review. Sometimes I just get into this blogging groove where I just writing more posts, and thinking of good ideas, and just want to write them up then and there. Love your quirks!!


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  6. I like scheduling but have always found it hard to follow. I'm going to really try to stick to mine when September comes because I know if I don't, managing school and blogging would become really difficult!