Friday, February 8, 2013

Theme Song Thursday (1): Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Welcome to Theme Song Thursday where I choose a theme song for a book of my choice on Thursday! This is a sporadic post which will only be updated when I have material.

I am so excited to reveal Theme Song Thursday! This isn't a feature I've been working very long on - in fact, I only just thought of it. Like ten minutes ago!

Before I start, I would like to address the fact that today's Friday. Yes, I am fully aware of this and it definitely wasn't just an accident. I was just so excited to do this that when I had the original name, Theme Song Thursday, I nearly forgot it wasn't Thursday...but then I was like, screw it, I can break my rules once in a while. 

As you see above, today's book is Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist which I have finished recently. This is a book that spans over ONE night. Over the course of this one night, Nick and Norah get to know each other and the inevitable occurs (ie. they fall in love). 

The song I picked perfectly captures the emotion of that night they spent together. I mean, just take a look at the lyrics!

Exhibit A
And when the daylight comes I'll have to go
But tonight I'm gonna hold you so close
Cause in the daylight we'll be on our own
But tonight I need to hold you so close

Exhibit B
This is way too hard, cause I know
When the sun comes up, I will leave
This is my last glance that will soon be memory

Unlike the song though where the pair is spending their last night together, the book ends on a hopeful note for Nick and Norah. Their connection that night was so strong that it's hard to doubt that they wouldn't ever see each other again!

I think y'all can guess which song I picked. Especially with that enormous picture of the album cover.

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